Thursday, March 24, 2005

Good for Wrapping Fish, I Guess

Oyster notes an Esquire article (apparently not online--at least I didn't see it) about "best bites" (that's FOOD, ye of filthy minds) where the Crescent City gets nary a mention...


But in an age when Team Bush isn't flagged daily for political corruption, when Sponge Bob is labeled obscene (but the war in Iraq is heroic)--an age where Bill Bennett is called an authority on moral values, Ann Coulter's rantings are considered worthy of punditry, when Social Security is "in crisis" (hey--has anyone else seen the AARP ad called "Bringing Down the House?" click here and scroll down to the title--Real Player file), etc. etc. etc.--well, it doesn't surprise me that Esquire's hacks couldn't be bothered...

YRHT suggests a big F*** You to the authors. That's being charitable.

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