Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ship of Fools/Busload of Idiots

This week's edition of The Top Ten Conservative Idiots has plenty to digest (no pun intended), from the Congressional Rethugs to George W. Bush--and friends--to the case of Charles and Patrick Linton, for whom the Pledge of Alliegiance isn't good enough--it MUST be in the language of Jesus Christ, namely, American English...

It's hard work to pick out just one link to follow--but I've been watching the David Horowit-less lunacy lately, and noticed he clocked in at number 5--so I took the time to link over to the truth on the matter he's been regurgitating of late, the non-story about the picked upon student at Northern Colorado, who didn't get an "F" on an exam that didn't ask the question "explain why George W. Bush could be considered a war criminal" which supposedly caused said student to instead explain why Saddam Hussein was a war criminal...

Anyway, here's the long version--and, for those without a lot of time, here's the short version:

The question was

The American government campaign to attack Iraq was in part based on the assumptions that the Iraqi government has “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” This was never proven prior to the U.S. police action/war and even President Bush, after the capture of Baghdad, stated, “we may never find such weapons.” Cohen’s research on deviance discussed this process of how the media and various moral entrepreneurs and government enforcers can conspire to create a panic. How does Cohen define this process? Explain it in-depth. Where does the social meaning of deviance come from? Argue that the attack on Iraq was deviance based on negotiable statuses. Make the argument that the military action of the U.S. attacking Iraq was criminal?

The exam consisted of four questions--of which the students had to answer three. The one above was an optional question. Instructions indicated a minimum of three pages for the answer--the student's response came in at two pages. Oh, and the professor, Robert Dunkley, is a registered Republican.

This is why Horowit-less issued a "correction" to his original assertion (which he's repeated as an anecdote in lectures at any number of locations) entitled "Correction: We Were Right.". Maybe he could follow up with additional corrections, such as "No WMD in Iraq: We Were Right," "No Social Security Crisis: We Were Right," "Florida 2000 Election Debacle" etc. etc. etc.

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