Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Yeah, this is a meta, meta post, but Your Right Hand Thief has a link to Approximately Perfect--from there, it's one click to Get Your War On's phenomenal set of panels devoted to the Terry Schiavo case. Wow.

Read 'em and weep get angry.

Oyster and Justin both got my attention citing this quote:

My wife and I made our living wills last night. Mine says that if I fall into a persistent vegetative state, and Tom DeLay comes within a hundred miles of me, I am to turn into a zombie and rip his fucking head off. They can't prosecute the undead for manslaughter, can they?

You know, I'd pay to see that. Sort of an updated Night of the Living Dead--in DC.

Last night I managed to endure most of Nightline, which was even lighter than usual, thanks to it being moderated by George Stephanoupolis. But they played a recording of DeLay's tasteless little screed--and, after listening, it really hit me: this clown is actually suggesting god deliberately caused a young woman in Florida to suffer brain damage for the greater good and glory...of Tom DeLay.

I swear, if the Democrats aren't all over this like white on rice, then they've become zombies, too--albeit ineffectual ones. What DeLay said is truly creepy, and NO AMOUNT of explaning is good enough for him to slither away untouched.

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it--I'd like to note for the record that killing small animals is a known trait of serial killers--a trait shared by Bill Frist. Now, I'm not saying he IS a serial killer--but I'd like him to explain something: how DID he kill all those kittens? Strangulation? Throat slitting? I think the public has a right to know.

Note to Democrats: the two paragraphs above are how politics is played. And no, it's not the most pleasant game in town. But it's effective. It's time the Democratic party stepped up to the plate with a real bat, not the plastic one they've had on their shoulder. The GOP isn't playing whiffle-ball.

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