Thursday, May 12, 2005

Coming to America

Good for George Galloway--after tweaking Tony Blair soundly on his growing nose, the Respect Party MP will have the chance to do the same to Senator Norm Coleman (R-Idiot).

British MP George Galloway says he is ready to face down US senators who claim he received oil rights from Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
Mr Galloway denies claims by a Senate committee that he and a former French minister were allowed to sell Iraqi oil to reward their support for the regime.

The committee said it would be "pleased" for Mr Galloway to appear at a hearing in Washington on 17 May.

The MP accepted, declaring he would take "them on in their own lions' den".

He told the BBC: "I'll be Daniel and I'll be triumphant".

The Scotsman had this nice quote:

Mr Galloway described the Senate committee as a “lickspittle Republican committee, acting on the wishes of George Bush”.

Here's hoping that Coleman gets the pranging he deserves.

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