Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Scrooge--Before the Ghosts' Visits

"Lost Everything? Ho-humbug..."

James Sensenbrenner, according to Air America Radio, the richest committee chair in Congress (Kimberly Clark heir--referred to as a "paper" manufacturer--I've heard Sensenbrenner gets quite angry when people research what sort of paper Kimberly Clark manufactures)--anyway, Jimbo, already infamous for his cry-baby shutting down of a hearing about (the no, it's not)Patriot Act, and who tried to meddle in a judge's sentencing decision, and who was one of eleven reps to vote AGAINST aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina--geez, he's really pushing for asshole of the year, eh?--well, if that's not enough, he's decided that, no, there will be no hearing to look into amending the hideous bankruptcy bill passed this summer:

The chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee said on Tuesday he had no intention of reopening a sweeping bankruptcy law passed by Congress earlier this year, despite proposals to exempt Hurricane Katrina victims from some of its provisions...

He said he would not hold a hearing in his committee on a bill by the panel's ranking Democrat, Michigan Rep. John Conyers, and 31 other Democrats who want to exempt Hurricane Katrina victims from parts of the new bankruptcy law. A chairman's decision not to hold a hearing usually prevents a House bill form advancing.

Congress last spring passed the new bankruptcy law, which makes it harder for heavily indebted Americans to wipe out their obligations. It goes into effect on Oct. 17.

How kind.

One of the articles above, by the way, summarizes Mr. Sensenbrenner's wealth, which was inherited:

In May, working with economic disclosure information that members of Congress file publicly, USA Today reported Sensenbrenner's net worth at $9.3 million...

Sensenbrenner's disclosures show he owns a home in Virginia worth $964,000, a condo in Menomonee Falls valued at $109,000, and a majority interest in a residence in Chenequa that he listed at $524,000...

Sensenbrenner is reported to own a $4,000 boat and four automobiles...

Sensenbrenner owns shares of stock in major U.S. companies that are worth millions of dollars, including $803,000 in the securities of the Kimberly-Clark Corp, a multinational paper products company which counts Sensenbrenner's great-grandfather as a founder.

The dividends paid by the K-C shares, and those by another $1.97 million worth of stock in Merck & Co., the pharmaceutical manufacturer, were valued between $30,000 and $100,000...

USA Today even reported that Sensenbrenner has a stamp collection he values at $70,000.

Sensenbrenner's Congressional salary is $158,100 annually.

Let's hope next year he becomes a displaced, um, I was going to say worker, but I think wanker is more fitting.

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