Monday, September 12, 2005


Hullabaloo analyzes this Time article (alas, behind the subscription wall)--it purports to reveal the GOP bounceback strategery, a three-point play:

1) Spend money like it grows on trees.
2) Don't look back, i.e., wax pious about how there shouldn't be a blame game, while doing everything they can to affix blame firmly on...the Democrats(and, by extension, the Democratic voter base). And
3) Shore up their own base.

Time doesn't mention a crucial aspect of point three, but Digby does, and it's not pretty.

Short version: Let their inner "Southern Strategy" out of the bag with a vengence.

Take a look at the post, as well as the one above it...unfortunately, testy remarks from the dauphin aside, I'm thinking we'll be seeing a LOT of blame the victim emanating from the GOP slime machine.

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