Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Trader Shrub's $39.95 Merchandise

"Hardly any Water Damage..."

Other bloggers have already written about the paucity of verbiage devoted to the Gret Stet and Gulf Coast in last night's Shit on the Union used war sales pitch address: here, here, here, and here you can find analysis as good as any I've seen thus far...analysis far better than the assclowns on teevee.

If politics is show business for ugly people, then televised punditry is politics for idiots. I was able to endure less than five minutes of actually paying attention before I determined that the cost of a new television outweighed my strong desire to kick in the screen (and my cat would've freaked).


I see Cindy Sheehan was arrested for believing a little too strongly in the first amendment right of free speech--which is doubly ironic on the day Strip Search Scalito officially donned his new robe.

Speaking of irony--and paucity: watching watching Mr. "I-couldn't-even-bother-with- my-easy-TANG-champagne-brigade-commitment" cite a letter written by Sergeant Dan Clay was like imagining Aleister Crowley in the pulpit at Liberty Baptist--or guffawing with Pat Robertson on CBN (likewise his "bold initiative" re:'s GOP is cynical enough to use the "initiative" as an excuse to screw the Gulf Coast. Mark my words).

Otherwise, it was the same...old...shit. And count me as in agreement with Greg Peters as to Tim Kaine's "response:"

Weak, dispassionate, unwilling to confront and call a liar a liar and a failure a failure. Sometimes I don't know who makes me sicker, the dogpack running the country or the whipped ones cowering under the bed. Nothing new from the president? Nothing new from you, either.

Anyway...Think Progress is as good a place as any for particulars. As for me, there was only so much stink I could stand.

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