Friday, April 07, 2006

Perception Versus Reality

Mark Folse:

[Hurricane Katrina] was not a natural disaster. It was a failure of the government to do what is promised. It failed to protect us. The last time the government failed so stupendously, they emptied the public purse into the lap of New York, and declared wars to cover for their ineptitude.

What will they do for us?

We will know tomorrow morning if the nation is still with us, or has turned their backs on us. If this crucial admission is not found prominently in the nation's great newspapers, if men and women representing Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon do not take to the well in Congress to denounce the Corps and demand an immediate response, if the President is not forced to come to the microphones to explain and apologize, we will know that we are truly on our own.

Folse links to this story from the WaPo. More here (h/t YRHT).

Meanwhile, Team Bush continues with their ever more bizarre pronouncements of power and glory on high...but in one respect, they're showing remarkable consistency: they've ignored the Gulf Coast in much the same way they've ignored the ever more hellish situation in Mesopotamia.

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