Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Speak of the Devil


Apologies--sometimes things really do get busy over here, and today was one of those days. I'm just finally catching up...

Anyway, I guess everyone's seen or heard about Tweety and DeLay getting all kissy-faced with each other...and, combined with the other big blog postings/publishing, I think it's quite instructive, particularly in light of Bug Boy's continued embrace of the Religious Right--which, to recycle the old cliche, is NEITHER.

I mean, c'mon. Some of the wingnut waxing about the passion of the Bug Boy is truly sickening. When you add in general matters of politics infused with what can only be described as the utter bastardization of Christianity then I think it's high time the wingnuts were called on their bullshit.

They ARE NOT Christians. So I won't dignify them with such a descriptive.

If I remember right, Lenin appropriated the term "bolshevik" solely on the basis of a parlimentary maneuver (the Wikipedia link says, "Lenin's supporters narrowly defeated Martov's supporters on the question of party membership. Neither Lenin nor Martov had a firm majority throughout the Congress as delegates left or switched sides.") Claiming a "belief" in Christ, whatever "Christ" is supposed to mean to these charlatans, doesn't make it so. Instead, they are insulting hundreds of millions of genuine Christians around the world with a bizarre mix and match of greed, violence, misogyny, elitism, etc.

Look at what they've accomplished with their so-called religion: Operation Enduring Misery, the loss of New Orleans (including any number of outright lies--here's one, for example that Da' Po' Blog has reminded about several times in regards to the relief efforts). They've lied about the cost of the Medicare Drug plan, about the effects of the tax fact, I'd defy anyone to come up with an instance where these so-called "Christians" HAVEN'T lied. Indeed, a central component of their "theology" is predicated upon their being predatory assholes, followed by a lightning fast "admission of sin," which, combined with a stated "belief" in Christ, results in instant forgiveness and further license to rape, pillage, steal, name it. Rinse, repeat. And keep playing upon people's hopes and fears while raking up dollars and power like so many leaves in autumn.

In their own way, they've attempted to steal Christianity from genuine Christians in the same way that bin Laden and his band of lunatics has tried to steal Islam from genuine Muslims.

We shouldn't let them get away with it.

Back tomorrow. Hopefully things will be a little quieter.

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