Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cheney Admits It: He's Darth Vader

He also says he likes crushing Golden Retriever puppies with his bare hands and snacking on them...

OK, so I made up the part about the least I hope I did. Anyway, here's more than a USDA Recommended Daily Allowance of nonsense from Mr. Five-Deferments Doofus.

The bottom line, though, is that neither he nor his nominal chimp-boss have the first clue when it comes to achieving victory--or even some of "peace with honor" in Iraq. The former is now impossible, the latter much the same--their "plan," if you want to dignify it with the term, is money to Halliburton, blood and guts--literally--from the military. Yeah, that's a REAL winner...

I saw that I coincidently channeled one of Marshall's points with a post below. Between that and certified batshit rabid/insane Ann Coulter's hag-like shrieks, I think insisting on a genuine plan of action is good politics AND good policy.

Because it's painfully clear that the GOP HAS NO PLAN. And that's NOT good policy...or good politics.

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