Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ups and Downs in the Crescent City

Most of y'all have probably seen or read about this NY Times story detailing the mental and psychological challenges facing city residents. Short version: if you live in the midst of devastation, it's gonna affect you--which is something yer beyond your average twitnut's rudimentary comprehension, both here in America and overseas in places like Iraq...or Afghanistan.

Reading the article was yet another outrage alert spike...which is why I'm glad I took a look at Harry Shearer's latest before calling it a day: not only did it make me smile, it gave me hope--THIS is genuine New Orleans:

On the other side of town, an anonymously named "Grocery" is open late, with local artisan breads among its eclectic fare. Most of them were labeled as to variety, but one set of loaves, interesting inside its cellophane, was unlabeled. I took it to the manager-cashier, and asked him, "what kind of bread is this?" He gave me the perfect New Orleans, post-K answer: "What kind would you like it to be?"

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