Friday, June 23, 2006

Tenets of Twitnut Mythology

I mean, they really ARE like juveniles, continuing to insist that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy WMD's exist...and stamping their feet, and huffing about in anger when confronted with reality:

The United States government abandoned the search for unconventional weapons in Iraq long ago. But Dave Gaubatz has never given up.

Mr. Gaubatz, an earnest, Arabic-speaking investigator who spent the first months of the war as an Air Force civilian in southern Iraq, has said he has identified four sites where residents said chemical weapons were buried in concrete bunkers.

The sites were never searched, he said, and he is not going to let anyone forget it.

"I just don't want the weapons to fall into the wrong hands," Mr. Gaubatz, of Denton, Tex., said.

Your Pravda-on-the-Hudson may have given Judith Miller a golden parachute...but they just couldn't get rid of that Judith Miller smell wafting through the newsroom.

The appropriately named Mr. Gaubatz(shit-insane) is given a pass by "the press" re: Arabic based on a single, year long course. that standard, I'm trilingual.

Meanwhile, Abu Gonzales is hailing the arrest of seven men in Miami who supposedly we're part of a "deadly, dastardly plot to..." blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago...except they didn't have weapons, explosives, or transportation. But hey, why let THAT get in the way of a good old fashioned dose of fearmongering?

And, finally, in Iraq, things are going so well that the government declared a state of emergency in Baghdad while, in in 3rd largest city, Mosul, at least 25 people were executed gangland style. And I haven't seen much news of late re: freshly painted schools in the region...

Of course, one can look at the glass being half full or half empty. I guess the news from Mosul shows just how good things are in New Orleans. It only took five gangland murders to bring out the National Guard and State Police.

Does anyone know if the schools there have recently been repainted?

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