Monday, February 26, 2007

Slow Start Today

Had kind of a busy weekend (at least the weather was/is nice), and I'm just making my way around the blog-block, as it were.

In the meatime, I'll note that I hardly ever watch the Academy Awards, but decided to last night for some reason. Good to see both Al Gore and Melissa Etheridge make solid appeals to what they described as not a partisan issue, but a moral and human issue.

I also heard the announcer say that the film crew for An Inconvenient Truth was scheduled to shoot in New Orleans on...August 29, 2005. Hmmm...

And maybe it's just me, but when my first thought upon seeing a bald Jack Nicholson last night was, "what the hell is James Carville doing backstage at the Academy Awards"?

Back in a bit.

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