Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Turn Back the Clock

Incompetence, dingbattery, stupidity...and plain old-fashioned fucktardness, thy name is GOP:

Al Qaeda: Partying Like It's 2001
If you checked out yesterday's Worldwide Threat briefing, you could be forgiven for checking your calendar to see if it was still September 10, 2001. Discussing al-Qaeda, John McConnell, the new director of national intelligence, described a metastasizing threat coming from... the lawless Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

And you can read about our smashing "success" in this Salon article (the ad view is still working for me).

Somebody should put every one of the Team Bush assclowns under oath, then go line by line with them through the various military budgets and supplementals, each time asking "how specifically does this assist the war effort?"

What a bunch of fucking thugs.

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