Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Stuff That Epic, Stumblebum Blunders Are Made Of...

The Maltese AK (from AmericaBlog):

A group involved in trafficking thousands of weapons to rebellious groups in Iraq had close connections with Malta, the Italian police said on Monday. The Italian police arrested 16 persons in the Umbrian region in Italy, breaking up a ring of arms trafficking to militiamen in Iraq.

Some of the men who were arrested by the Italian police are wealthy entrepreneurs working within the export industry and coming from Russia, Libya, China and Malta. The Italian Ministry of Defence said that the men have close links with a Libyan diplomat.

Italian police said 500,000 AK 47 rifles and ten million pieces of ammunition were traced, but no weapons were confiscated.

Investigations are underway.

Sheesh, by the time it's all over, I wouldn't be surprised if Sealand was involved in some way ("the British government has learned"...). But I'd bet Team Bush and his wingnut chorus would somehow manage to turn THAT into a catastrophe, even as they congratulated themselves for "liberating" an offshore platform sized slightly less than 6000 square feet.

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