Friday, March 16, 2007

Any Takers?

One thing I keep noticing about the "pumps-that-don't-actually-pump, you-see" story...and, for that matter, almost everything you can examine about this administration (and, when the records are FINALLY released, pretty much everything else, too) is just how shoddy Team Bush goes about the business of governing. I assume they're a bit more effective at campaigning, given that they've "won" twice (of course, they had more than just a bit of "help" in the process). But they're still hawking the ultimate lemon.

Call it the lineal opposite of "above even the appearance of impropriety." Indeed, more like, "well, you can't prove it and even if you can we're gonna try to run the clock out."

You know, I remember the wingnut shitstorm over the words "no controlling legal authority." Now, consider what this government's done...or, more precisely, NOT done...or even, with their particular pet projects, HOW they've done. Disaster...around every turn.

Which has got to, among other things, make you wonder about the last-ditch supporters, and just what sort of moral/ethical code they follow...or, for that matter, how THEY define "good work." Because they've sure got some bizarre ideas...

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