Monday, June 30, 2008

Pulling Third Shift at the Outrage Manufacturing Plant

Barack Obama is not the presumptive nominee without good reason, and I suppose his 'cut it off' reaction to Wes Clark's comment is the correct one, even if more than a little bit of me wishes he'd instead tell a preening, narcissistic John McCain and his wingnut posse to stick it/act like they've got a pair/grow up, etc.

The plain truth is that for a generation or more Democratic candidates have been subject to PRECISELY what Wes Clark said about John McCain, while an utterly vacuous media has uncritically played the role of stenographer. Obama and his wife are the most recent victims, having been on the receiving end of an absolute avalanche of ugly, racist and/or xenophobic rumor mongering with hardly a peep from anyone save liberal left blogaea and maybe Olbermann.

Hell, 'attack their strength' was and is the mantra of one Karl Rove, whom the media anointed as he-who-could-do-no-wrong, at least until he screwed the pooch in 2006.

Yer GOP--typical bullies: they can dish it out, but start crying like momma's boys when anyone dares to hit back.

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