Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a Regular Joe...With His Own Private Spa

So..where's the bowling trophy?

I wonder if the "Mexican-Tiled" patio was put in by actual Mexicans...wouldn't surprise me.

What DOES disappoint me, though, is Obama's weak response to McCain's charges of elitism. Yes, his latest ad was good, but LONG overdue.

Obama seems to think that he can win without having to go negative, which he no doubt considers distasteful, and of course there are other considerations (let's not kid ourselves--racism in the United States isn't merely present, but literally ROARS...indeed, my own mom forwarded to me, and evidently approves of, a supposed Pat Buchanan screed "to Obama" claiming that enslaved blacks should have thanked Jeebus for the opportunity to be uplifted and Christianized by massah...but instead bred a fatherless horde of supersized predators looking to savage the innocent flowers of Caucasian dignitude. Yes, Buchanan's rant, if he wrote it, was THAT ugly)...anyway, I digress.

Obama is in a delicate position, yes...but if he DOESN'T hit back, and hit back HARD, hit back regularly, and hit back IMMEDIATELY, he'll be branded/defined as weak by an already hostile media...don't believe the hype/nonsense about the media being "pro-Obama." I mean, geez: John McCain has demonstrated his ineptitude to such an extreme degree that even a semblance of fair coverage would result in his being laughed off the stage.

But...as Hullabaloo noted yesterday, sometimes you've got to get down in the mud and fight it out. No, it's not pretty, no it's not elegant, and yes, it could be dangerous...but it's got to be done.

Besides, I don't have the slightest doubt that some well placed, well timed shots at old Regular Joe would have him literally spitting with rage...and that's something even a media in his pocket couldn't ignore.

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