Monday, August 11, 2008

Merci Pour Le Petrol

Increased drilling, in addition to increasing environmental risk, will likewise mean...increased exports, including exports to wingnuttia's favorite whipping garçon, France.

That's right, France. Big Oil and their paid agent John McCain will shout, pout, throw temper tantrums, stamp their feet, and do everything else...but in the end, it's the cheese eating surrender monkeys who'll be filling the tanks of their petit little Renaults and puttering around Paris, while we're left with the mess to clean.

Don't believe me? Take a look (scroll down)--ah, la joie de vie.

I agree with Hullabaloo that the whole "drill till we drop" rantings wafting forth from wingnuttia reek of teh stupid, and that trying to argue rationally against this sort of stupidity is about as useful as trying to talk sense to a crazy person engaged in intense self-jabbering at the bus stop. But Digby's right--sometimes you've got to get down into the mud and deal with them on their level.

Besides, it's true: France DOES import oil from the United States, and I'll bet the business relationship between the principles is quite cordial. Choke on that, whingnuts.

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