Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Your Average Standard Bullies

It continues to amaze me--the Vacationer-in-Chief is either blind to the irony or just doesn't give a rat's ass...and then there are more sinister rumblings like this:

REP. LYNN WESTMORELAND (R), GEORGIA: [Nancy Pelosi's] elected by the San Francisco mentality. And I think most of the American people, no matter whether you live in Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, or Georgia, or wherever would understand that her constituency is a little left of where this country is.

Now, aside from the fact that several million people of ALL political persuasions live in the greater San Francisco metropolitan area (e.g., my aunt, who's an Ann Coulter affecionado, for one), and aside from the fact that "San Francisco mentality" or "San Francisco librul" or San Francisco whatever has become wingnut code speak (another e.g., asshole Woody Jenkins used it in trying to smear conservative Democrat Don Cazayoux during the recent special election), and aside from the fact that such language is slapping/spitting in the face of millions of American citizens who choose to live in and around San Francisco (oh, by the way: similar language was and is used to dismiss American citizens living in New Orleans), and aside from the fact that it reveals an inner, innate, ugly and primitive mentality...

Aside from ALL of that, the plain truth is that it's as clear and as pure an example of bullying as you're going to ever see. Democracy in America reduced to the level of junior high schoolyard.

Well...the one thing bullies can't handle is someone standing up to them. That's why it's so goddamned frustrating to watch the Democratic leadership--including Nancy Pelosi, for whom this should be both political AND personal (they're questioning her patriotism and loyality, for chrissakes)--anyway, that's why it's so frustrating to watch them lay down, over and over much as anything, Pelosi, et al, are enabling their behavior.

Sad to say, I worry that Obama's likewise enabling their behavior in refusing to call out John McCain or his pathetic little surrogates like Joe Lieberman. I fear that, even should he win, wingnuttia will feel emboldened to the extent that they'll sling mud--or worse--with impunity from the moment the oath of office is administered, which could cause plenty of headaches.

Unless something is done to check their childish antics. And, sad to say, the only thing they'd really understand is a sound dose of their own medicine.

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