Monday, September 29, 2008

Because We All Remember James Buchanan so Fondly
From 2Millionth Web Log

Just plain delusional. I mean, c'mon--along with everything else--the anti-Midas everything-turns-to-shit touch, a VP who's the epitome of vicious evil AND stumblebum stupidity, two pointless wars that have bogged down into bloody stalemates, an entire region of the county ravaged by disaster, natural and not-so-natural (a region that's strategically vital, by the way), a financial meltdown brought about in large part by their expressed policies...then you've got the torture regime, the trampling of the Constitution, the habitual-to-the-point-of- pathological lying about literally everything...and a fading from the scene that's every bit the equal of his 19th century equivalent, James Buchanan (also, interestingly, Shrub is related, via Babs, to another 19th century cellar dweller CIC, Buchanan's predecessor Franklin Pierce)...but Stanley Fish thinks we'll look upon his tenure in office fondly?

Good grief.

Only if things really turn to shit in the next decade or so...and we forget what brought it about.

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