Thursday, October 02, 2008

Houston, We Have a Heckuva Job
From 2Millionth Web Log

As an FYI, there are still about 4,000 people in the Houston area without electricity, that is, about 4,000 people with habitable homes minus that, ahem, small convenience. I'd guess the number is a bit higher when you consider the large number of houses blown to bits in and around the region.

I've been checking the online Chronicle regularly for updates...but the national media seems to have dumped it as a story, despite the appalling loss of life and extensive damage to the region (including Southwest Louisiana.)

Yes, storms happen, and yes, it will always be dice roll living in a coastal or subtropical region (the use of "or" is deliberate: the Atlantic seaboard is also vulnerable.) However, it's astonishing, and not in a good way, to note the low level of concern and low priority for resources/recovery...even though it's Shrub's own region.

Maybe we really are just a banana republic with nukes.

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