Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Dunce Day in America

Low information voters are one thing...low information political, um, for lack of a better word, leaders, are quite another.

And these are by no means the only dingbats out there. Hell, over the last few days a case could easily be made that at least two if not all three branches of the federal government are the embodiment of Moron Junction for the most part...that said, these three really took the cake for me today.

Let's begin on the "left" side of the aisle, with Ned Lamont:

Greenwich, Connecticut is a rich enclave of hedge fund managers- and thus is feeling the pain of the current financial crisis like a ton of bricks. Ned Lamont, a Greenwich resident who ran for Senate in 2006, says, 'This is our Katrina.'

Um, nope:

If this was really your Katrina, then you would feel more pain than not being able to donate $200,000 to charities. You'd be looking to charities to feed you. Your kids would not be going to public schools, because there wouldn't be any more public schools. You wouldn't be looking at downsizing your house, your house would be gone, you would be unemployed and homeless and still making payments on a mold-infested wreck while your insurer ass-raped you and Congress and the President didn't think your problems were worth more than a few floor speeches, never mind a special session to hand out $700 billion to you and your friends.

If this was really your Katrina, I would feel for you, man. Because you would be facing such total destruction and demoralization, and you would have to face it without being able to take solace in brass bands or real food or Mardi Gras, because when all is said and done, you still live in a shithole called Connecticut.

Try again, Ned.

From 2Millionth Web Log

Meanwhile, John McCain campaign spokesperson Tucker Bounds can't resist a levees failed analogy of his own:

"...our next president can't wait until after the levees break to start making phone calls."

Tucker, if I was you, I'd avoid references to failed levees. Just sayin':

From 2Millionth Web Log

And finally, there's Sarah Palin. Ah, where to begin? She flat-out lies again, then you've the bizarre specter of having to literally be chaperoned in meeting with the press, lest there be embarrassing silence...or smug ugliness.

You know, it'd be one thing if Governor Palin displayed, oh, I don't know, a bit of embarrassment if not shame at her distinct lack of qualification for high office. But instead, at least in her public comportment, she displays what amounts to a measure of pride if not arrogance in being ignorant.

From 2Millionth Web Log

And she makes snike remarks about Joe Biden's age...

Similarly, Palin sneered at Barack Obama's work as a community organizer, making mocking comparisons to her own work as a "small town mayor," without evincing any degree of regret for her own fiscal irresponsibility or just plain vicious treatment of crime victims. That sort of callousness is George W. Bush-like.

In fact, all three of these examples embody a smug ignorance that in many respects defines the modern wingnut movement (ahem, so Ned, if I was you, I'd consider an apology, and I mean that not as a political retort, but as an appeal to your humanity...Palin and Bounds, well...wingnut's gotta be a dipshit, I guess.) And no, we can't muddle through four more--or, heaven forbid eight more--years of this kind of stoopid. We're already on the precipice of "banana republic with nukes," that is, if we haven't gone over.

Because citizens down here are getting a real lesson in the practical elements of 'banana republic' as we speak.

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