Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Government Of, By, and For the Pigs at the Trough

As I said in comments over at YRHT the other day, paraphrasing A.J. Liebling, government of, by and for the people apparently applies to those who own it.

Two things: first, the wingnut howler monkeys are grumbling, but at nowhere near the shrill they displayed for the in-comparison puny emergency stipends distributed to disaster victims (which, incidently, end up providing at least a temporary boost in whatever local economy disaster victims find themselves), and second, could anyone imagine the eardrum-if-not-glass-shattering shrieks they'd be making if this crisis occurred under a Democratic president's watch? I don't doubt for a second the Rethugs would have already initiated impeachment hearings...but the media is so thoroughly skewed (if not screwed) righward that a complete revamping and utter repudiation of roughly thirty years of fundamental policy is greeted with a ho-hum attitude...as if this were merely another political talking point.

We are certainly living in interesting times...though I sure as hell hope interesting doesn't morph into "dire."

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