Friday, September 26, 2008

Let the Spin Begin

From everything I've seen, it looks like Conventional Idiocy Wisdom is willing to give this one to Johnny Mac, in no small part because the bar wasn't so much set low as buried. So, McCain showed up, and wasn't visibly drooling...ergo, he exceeds expectations.

He still looked like a dour and pretty creepy old quote or at least paraphrase Hunter Thompson, like a farmer with terminal cancer trying to borrow money on next year's crop. But the media seems willing to give him this one. Wonder if they'll likewise give Palin a victory if she manages to avoid babbling. We'll see.

As for Obama--he still knows more than me, so...yeah, I would've liked to see him be a bit more aggressive. But he's in an impossible position--too aggressive, and he's an angry black man, not aggressive enough, and...he's a Democrat.



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