Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lord of the (Supersized) Fries

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Hell hath no fury like a winger scorned, eh? On the one hand, you've got the preemptive impeachers, then there's Erik Erickson of Red State, full of righteous spittle, promising the wrath and fury of leprosy--or its political equivalent--to anyone who dares question the abilities of wingnut hero Sarah Palin, or, worse, whispers leaks to the likes of Carl Cameron, et al. As you might expect, Michele Malkin approves.

I suppose this is the winger equivalent of introspection: screech, puff out your chest, maybe toss a few verbal rocks, threaten yet another "enemy"...and reach for some more supersize fries.

Last week we were treated to another fine example, that of Glenn Reynolds and the Missus promising to go all John Galt/Postal/to the mattresses, their preferred method of combat being...the snide note in lieu of a tip to the waitstaff at any number of establishments where they choose to dine. Others bravely responded in comments that they too, were willing to go right to the edge, perhaps even closing vital engines of commerce rather than subject themselves to the humiliation of a slightly higher marginal tax rate. A tax that no doubt would be used to subsidize shiftless laziness (and we all know what THAT means, wink wink.)

But, you know, on a more serious note, these sorts of reactions are quite revelatory. Since the attacks of 9/11, your wingers have insisted that history itself had stopped, that we must grimly set aside any notion that government was anything but an engine of merciless combat, and that, above all, the horde MUST be stomped on and stopped, regardless of cost. It was our duty, and anyone asking unpleasant questions was a traitorous stooge.

But, in the end, what it's really all about for these folks is...the absolute need to feel superior to, and, if necessary, behave with the utmost rudeness, towards...staff or waitstaff.

And, even as they reveal themselves to be just that pathetic, they are equally delusional in their beliefs that, for some reason, we'd actually miss them if they DID 'go John Galt" on us. Imagine--no tip AND no snide note. What horror!

Of course, the real horror is the absolute childishness displayed by the wingnuts--a childishness that's resulted in genuine suffering for an awfully large number of people.

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