Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Team Bush Prepares for the Transition

Don't get me wrong--I'm as pleased by the election of Barack Obama as one can be. I told some friends last night while we celebrated over the phone it's nice to not be ashamed or infuriated by the national leadership.'ve got to wonder just how bad a wreck Team Bush has made of things. Particularly when Dick Big Time endorsed John McCain, it got me wondering. Dick's evil, and not particularly bright, but neither is he as dumb as...oh, Sarah Palin. He must've known that a Cheney "endorsement" would be about as popular as a dog-shit milkshake in this political climate. Yet, there he was, delivering his own version of an October surprise.

Meanwhile, Obama will take over in 2009 with conditions that look, in my mind, a lot like the late 1970s. The wars MUST be wound down, fuel prices are going to stay high, the overall economic picture isn't've got a winger faction that will howl and bay at any action that, in their coal-black, dead eyes, smacks of "government" (well, unless it's a massive bailout of the banks, etc. etc.)--and the Bush administration has pretty much looted the treasury.

Anyway--I don't want to rain on any parade, particularly on what's a beautiful day down here...despite the fact that Loosiana voted red, nationally and locally. Democratic candidate Don Cazayoux was defeated in the 6th District--not a big deal, as he was about as Blue Dog conservative as it gets, and a bond issue I was hoping to see pass was voted down...ironically, four years ago, local results were the one bright spot, in 2008, it's the national election that's got me smiling.

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