Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ring Out The Old

From Album 5
Actually 2014 should be an improvement if only because Bachmann will also be leaving the gubmit...and, in the meantime, here's Matt Taibbi noting the irony if not the blowback of the Rove "machine" essentially producing the monster that threatens to crash and burn the whole enterprise.

It'll be interesting.

Happy New Year if I don't post anything tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the link. Great article. I shouldn't be so happy at this, but what the hell. I enjoy seeing the monster old Rove created come back and bite him, hard. Now he scurries like a rat to try and disown it. Sorry Karl, your fingerprints are all over the vile tea tard gang. You helped to birth the idiot thing, now live with it, we have had to.
    The ancient Greeks had this idea about things like this, they called it hubris. See Karl, karma does get you, may take a while, but, it gets you. As an old saying that was making the rounds in the mid 1960's, my high school days, time wounds all heels. Need a Band-Aid Karl?
    Have a safe New Years Eve. Oh, LSU is on the TV tomorrow playing footsball. Or is it feetsball? No offense intended if you are a fan. I prefer my sports to be motor/engine driven, if it has wheels and an engine and it races, I'll usually watch it. Stick and ball games, not so much. I DID listen to the LSU really BIG game when they won the championship. I was living in the woods then, no TV, just a good stereo and internet. Good game as I recall. I just may catch the game, comes on the tube at noon I think. They play Iowa? The "Outback Bowl" I believe.
    Now, the 24 hour race at Daytona is coming up in a few weeks, THAT will be my fun start to the year.
    Stay safe Michael. Have a great holiday and a good year. Best to you and yours.

  2. I had the game on for background noise -- keeps the cat occupied as well -- but in my old age I have less and less understanding for football of the American variety. Oh, sure, it's sold as gut-check...but I guess they didn't much think about the brain damage. Well, unless it makes you so damn dumb you vote for people selected by...Rove.

    With me, it's the cynicism: Rove et al know damn well that the VERY small amount of government funds that deal with poverty, or education, or housing/urban development (the three agencies they want to gut, along with Energy) are a small drop in the bucket...and really are less handouts and more what a government does to preserve civil society (particularly a society as rich as the USA). It's the Lee Atwater line -- you can't say "nigger" so you say "less government," "forced busing" and so on, but it's just interest group politics. The money goes to making a decent city/town/village with a fire department, a park, a school...or it goes to K street lobbyists.

    Rove's even said as much, like in a German magazine in 2009 (I think it was Der Speigel)...but now the true believers who've drunk the Kool Aid and are asking for seconds want to tear it all down in the name of Protestant White Anglo Saxon Jesus and his Dad (who, come to think if it, resembles Mr. Duck Dynasty)...and Rove knows they're full of shit...but, you're right: he created the monster, and now he's got to live with it.

    Unfortunately, we all do as well...and that could turn out to suck, big time.

    And on that happy note...hope 2014 is working out for you so far. Over here the rain's finally gone but it'll be a little chilly tonight...but nothing like when I was living in Wisconsin (most of the 1990s -- looking back, don't know how I managed)...

  3. Oh, and while I'm not much for motor sports, I don't object, and even appreciate them -- as a kid, we took a tour of the Indianapolis Speedway (when it was still a big deal) -- dad was from the area. Have also been to the dirt track in BR, but...well, it was interesting.

    But what was really interesting was watching the (I think) 1979 Daytona race. I very much remember Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough making it demolition derby on the last lap while Mr. Petty ended up in the winner's circle. That was...a race.