Monday, December 30, 2013

The Ladies' Man

From Album 5
Well, if your definition of woman is "a 15 year old child"...


  1. Oh great, this moron again. No offense to real morons.
    What passes as reality TV is mostly crap, why I refuse to watch it.

  2. Yeah, I must be one of the few who's only seen a clip or two of Duck Dynasty. Never quite understood the appeal...though I'll admit a certain gawk factor in catching something called Billy the Exterminator, which was also a Nawth Loosiana show.

    But...I actually appreciate people like said Mr. Billy -- several years ago I had to hire a guy to get a raccoon out of the attic, and he did. Better still I think we just scared the critter off, which spared us from having to do anything, well, lethal.

    Amazing how even in downtown Baton Rouge, we're one step from...well, having to share the house with raccoons, for instance.

    Have a happy 2014 up in Aleck. Cheers.

  3. I thought old Billy was a good person and his show even did a bit to educate people. He used a lot of natural based pesticides. He tried to relocate many of the critters he caught.
    The duck guys are just doing the show for the money and publicity. They are well off even if the show goes bust.
    Hope the New Year treats you and yours kindly.