Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Medieval Judge edition. Because wingers are all in a snit about modern justice and want to revert to their good old days...also known as The Dark Ages.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Michael,
    No surprise here. I am too lazy to check, but will just guess that old Lindsey has never seen combat. I'll even go so far as to say I bet he never was even a member of the military. All these chicken hawks are such great war lovers and yet very, very few, if any, have ever been in combat and most have never even served in the military at all.
    Poor lil' Lindsey is in a real fight this election cycle and has to "sell" his "macho" image to the red meat idiot male voters of his state. Poor li' feller, it will be a great day if he goes down in the flames of defeat, a landslide defeat would just be the cherry on the top of that deserved loss. Of course the clown who does beat him may be a even bigger asshats, but, we pays our monies and we takes our chance in this US of A.
    Hope you had a great weekend. The weather up here in Alexandria was nice after that Friday night storm passed.

  2. You know, I actually think old Lindsay did some Guard Duty, though it was more Champagne Brigade than anything. OK, JAG if I remember offence to lawyers, but court ain't combat...

    Lindsay and Booby are both trying to play the tough guy role, and I'm pretty convinced PBJ even got a new hairdo to look less, well, nerdy. Both of them, though, are clowns reaping what they sowed -- getting flanked by even wingier wingnuts. I just hope I make it to retirement...

    Down here the weather's cleared up as well, at least for now. Ended up going to the Civil War stuff in Port Hudson on Sunday. The first time I've ever done that. It was ok, actually. And I'll bet the reenactors were pretty happy with the nice weather as well. Wool in the heat of summer? Ugh -- makes you feel for the real soldiers even more -- hot, and facing live rounds. Yikes.