Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
This week a not very happy Tigger is just outside of the NSA Headquarters, where for two years they've been taking advantage of a serious computer security flaw to...destroy the village in order to save it? More or less. Thanks...creeps.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I cannot get upset by this sort of thing any more. Once you hit a certain level of outrage, any more revelations like this just add to the pile. We all have our own personal limits. I think mine has been hit some time ago and all the new ones do is keep that outrage at a very high level. Even what should be a surprise isn't so much now days. No, not a "ho-hum" reaction, but just like; "oh joy, another violation. Toss it on that huge pile over there will ya?".
    I DO want to stop being so bloody damn negative. Really.

  2. To be fair, most of us -- and I count myself in that group -- just aren't important enough to merit scrutiny. Of course, some will insist that horrible people often enough start out just as my book, this is really more a matter of priorities, and maturity: government WILL spend money. That's what politicians do. They can either spend it on stuff that helps us...or spend it on monitoring us, maybe not on a level as purely evil as the East German STASI, but...annoying and wasteful, when you consider that what we could USE are, among other things, decent roads, schools, and so on.

    But...common sense won't go far in the age of wingnuttery...on the other hand, yeah, I'm fortunately doing ok, don't have any pressing needs I can't take care of...and once the weather moderates, I even have some projects I'm happily working on...projects that will hopefully set me up to do some even more ambitious projects of a home improvement variety. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Take it easy, hope the foul weather isn't affecting you too badly...