Monday, April 07, 2014

Look Who's Talking

From Album 5
What a difference a week or so makes...


  1. Oh noes! Does this mean poor lil Chris might get called to answer for his non-part in this matter? He claims to have had nothing to do with the closures. Maybe Chris should try watching reruns of "Hogans Heroes" and do his best Sgt. Schultz impression when the US attorney asks him to appear. Yeah, that might do the trick, the old, "I know nothing!". Any best he will? Oh, as I believe I have said on your blog before, I am sarcastic and cynical often. Cynical by nature and experience, sarcastic when needed, or at times just because.
    Chris, like nearly every politician in the US needs to learn that loyalty is a two way street. Those in power, of any sort at any level, expect those below them to be loyal to them, yet the often show zero loyalty to those who work for them when needed.

  2. Excellent article. Very interesting to read. I can’t wait to learn much more from you.. Cheers!

  3. Well, Charlie, looks like I've got an actual spam comment...don't get em very often, but every once in a while...anyway, in reply to you, today I plowed through this lengthy but interesting New Yorker article on The Outlaw Jersey Whale (wish I could take credit for that description, but it's Tbogg's line)...anyway

    It's worth a look. Christie's a big time back stabber and has been his whole career...but like all bullies, he'll play the victim as soon as he feels any heat...