Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The World According To Jim

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Makes sense...if you're a deranged lunatic.


  1. The guy cannot get much right can he? The phrase about "all men being created equal" is NOT in the Constitution. That statement is from the Declaration of Independence. Good grief man, learn some small bits of US history before you give any talks on the subject. Yes, I have at least three copies of both documents here at home, one of each is in a large book ; "The New York Public Library Desk Reference" and the other two are in pocket sized editions of each in single volumes. Handy to carry along when out taking photos of landscapes in these post 9/11 days.
    Lincoln didn't give a care about slaves and was on record, as in public speeches, etc., where he said he did not think black and white people could live together in the same country. IF slavery had been the driving issue of his war against secession, I doubt that either side would have been able to raise a full combat regiment. Also, the Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves in the states that were then in "rebellion". It did nothing for those slaves North of the Mason-Dixon Lines. History can be very interesting, but clowns like this moron destroy it and get the gullible, uneducated to think he knows his stuff. Sorry, but he is a moron who has zero clue about US history in my view.

  2. Per your previous notes -- don't feel bad if you're busy. Glad that you come by, and yeah, very happy you've got opinions about my stuff, limited these days as it may be (for various reasons I'm posting less...guess I'm hoping the pictures say, well, enough...anyway, yeah, DeMint and his neo-Confederate pals understand the actual Constitution -- and the actual Confederacy (both Confederacies -- their secession model and the original Confederacy ended by the Constitution) about as well as they understand science, which is to say not much.

    That said, while slavery wasn't the only issue driving secession, I'll say it was certainly a major one -- virtually all the post-secession state Constitutions make it central to the reason for secession, Texas' going so far as to insist that everyone, including slaves, preferred it that way. Lincoln personally was wishy-washy on the issue, as you point out. His Cooper Union address was and is as good a place as any to see his political (as opposed to personal) opinion: legal where it was already legal, but let's not legalize it in any added territories.

    To Southern leaders, though, that was tantamount to much the same way that the tepid health care reform of Obama's is "government medicine." So it goes..

    By the way--I think it was in the book The Mind of The South -- a very good book, by the way -- where I saw the assertion that, yes, only ten percent or so of southerners owned slaves...but huge majorities SUPPORTED slavery, minus those very brave folks in some pockets (parts of Mississippi and Tennessee at least informally seceded from secession, West Virginia made it more than informal, and various Union counties or parishes attest to there being somepeople not very happy with breaking away).

    Anyway...DeMint, et al, have created a mythology ... a mythology that puts them at the top of the heap...but one that also offers large swaths at the bottom the chance to not be the absolute losers/last place finishers. They do this by promoting hatred, be it racial, or political (hatred of liberals/hippies, etc.). Sadly, that hatred is a powerful drug.