Monday, May 05, 2014

If Benghazi Has You All Riled Up

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Well, what about this?


  1. Of course they volunteered. They thought(?) they were being patriotic. Well, they were NOT, not at all, no way. Patriotism is NOT jumping up to salute every time the flag passes by. Most enlisted as there were few good paying jobs even then. The military is often the employer of last resort. At least you get room and board plus clothing. Yes, you may have to go to some damn fool useless war of choice to fight and possibly die, but they DID volunteer.
    One thing Mr. 5 Deferments forgot to add is how during the Vietnam war he had "other priorities". Well, my buddies and I in 5th Marine Regiment in Vietnam had "other priorities" as well. Ours were to come home alive and hopefully in one piece. Interesting how out and out cowards like Mr. 5 Deferments are so quick to down play any suffering and/or bitching from the troops, yet he and his ilk were too damn chicken shit to enlist to fight a war they approved of. Talk about patriotism any time with you Dickie boy, you goddamn coward!
    Yes, the chicken hawks love to send other peoples kids off to do what they are too cowardly to do themselves. They and their family members never have to even wear the uniform of the US military, let alone get any where near a combat zone. Bloody damn cowards, the lot of them. And yes, this IS a very, very sore spot for me and many other veterans of all US wars.
    Again, sorry for my abusive language, but some subjects.............well, I'll try to keep it in check better in the future. No promises, but I'll try.

  2. No problem with the language -- my own take is that anything Cheney says should be greeted with obscenities and derisive laughter -- the laughter being because that's THE thing they can't stand, being ridiculed.

    Last night The Daily Show ran the same idea, but of course with a bigger, broader, and more researched scope (well, this is my hobby, not my job), anyway, they demonstrated how all the people hollering now were silent then, if not happy to go along with the lies.

    Personally, I've never had a problem with soldiers and/or the military -- hell, as I've said, I'm a military kid...I think Vietnam was a huge mistake, and a horrible one, and I'm damned sad for the brave folks who died there, and damn glad for those who survived. As for the mistake element...that's on the record. The Pentagon Papers, the secret Johnson tapes...and the movie Fog of War, where McNamara himself said they all knew...but none of them had the guts to pay a political price...which meant that some 58000 US soldiers paid more than a political price, as did countless others who survived, but hugely affected. Affected in a way you know, but in a way Dick (appropriate name) will never know.

    And they've got the nerve to get all hissy when they're called chickenhawks. Unfuckingbelievable.

    And now they've got themselves all twisted up about Benghazi? Again, I'd be happy to point out the establishment spinelessness of, in no particular order, Obama, the Clintons, Rahm Emmanuel, the entire DLC faction...but the problem is that we've only got one alternative...which is even worse: the Cheney Chickenhawks.