Thursday, May 08, 2014


From Album 5
Yeah, this is just what the country needs -- a half bright neo-Confederate-with-a-chip-on-his-shoulder grandstanding his way through Congressional hearings.

But, just to repeat myself, and also note the Daily Show's reaction earlier this week (video link that starts automatically), you want a real scandal? Try one involving stovepiping of intelligence and flat out lies that's cost us thousands of casualties and over a trillion dollars. If you love your country, and not the Confederacy, Trey, hold hearings about that.


  1. Its all they can do, grandstand and feed us more manure. Oh, and get elected/re-elected. Beyond that, our(?) members of congress don't care much about us common people.
    Oh joy, a neo-confederate. Just add them to the neo-cons, neo-Nazis, and neo-zionists. And some wonder why I refuse to use a capital "C" when I mention congress? See that last sentence again for why. Oh boy, America, where are you now? What a country.

  2. They're WORSE than children, if you ask me. Hell, years ago I worked for Head Start...and found the kids to be surprisingly reasonable, at least when you took the time to explain why they couldn't go into the kitchen (dangerous equipment)...

    The latest crop of wingers will happily drag us down to...well, the Old Confederacy, if they have their way...and that was no picnic, except for the obscenely wealthy...oh, wait...