Tuesday, May 06, 2014

No More Mister Nice Mike

From Album 5
Though according to Ed Kilgore, Nice Mike was just a pose anyway...


  1. Oh joy, another Reich winger gone nuts. Big deal, they are all nuts and angry that they don't have the White House now. If they do get it again, and they will at some time, they won't be a bit better than they were the last time they held it, yeah Cheney/Shrub. Man, I never would have thought say 20 years ago that I'd be so happy to be 66 years old. Yep, near my sell by date and I'd not change to be young again for anything in the universe. Not the way this planet is going, no thanks.
    I fear for the younger people. Will they have the courage to stand up to this crap? Will they even try? Do they care? I wish them all the best and I'll do what I can to help them, but, I'm old and disabled so my physical aid is very limited. Being on Social Security means financially I am also limited in aid. Moral support, writing blog posts and replies to blogs and articles, that I CAN do and will as long as I can. Write letters to legislatures and or others who have power is another thing I can do and have done, also phone calls to them.
    I'd join on the front lines, but most likely will just be in the way of the younger, physically fit people. If they would have me, I'd be proud to join the fight however. I'll try not to get in the way or make a fool of myself. Promise.
    Man, does this country need a viable third party. The donkey gang and the elephant gang are just the two sides of the same damn coin. Sad, this country started out with such promise. America, where are you now? Yeah, Steppenwolf.

  2. Well, we do what we can...pushing 50, and not a young 50, I'm inclined to also let the younger ones take the lead. And some of them are pretty good: there was a small but dedicated Occupy group here in Red Stick, and for the most part they were, one, not strident (won't sell here in wingnut territory), and two, dedicated, funny, smart...and just good people, at least the ones I met.

    Funny though, while there were folks a little older than me, and folks younger, there weren't really too many my own age. In fact, at the few demonstrations I attended, I had to fend off nice but pointed questioners and assure them I wasn't a plain clothed cop. Partly because of my size -- I'm not small, either height-wise or now weight-wise, but also because, well...they don't get many folks my age at rallies. And that's because, alas, a lot of folks my age bought the Raygun myth hook, line, sinker, rod, and reel. For various reasons I was lucky enough to never have a taste for that Kool Aid.

    Back in the day -- for me, the 1980s -- I was a little more active on the LSU campus, being part of a couple of groups...these days, well, aside from age/aches and pains, it's time to finally read all that stuff I was supposed to read back then...and I'm trying, sometimes even succeeding. And my age/experience helps me understand stuff FAR better than when I was young. In fact, I can't say I'd trade the wisdom of age for youth. I likes my wisdom...

    Does it matter in the whole scheme of things. Sadly, probably not. I'm just a schmoe with a blog. But it's something, and most everyone I know of good mind is doing their best -- some demonstrate, some read, some write (comments are as valid as writing as anything)...I suppose I try to believe in the long arc of history swinging towards justice in the end...too bad we have to go through all those damned dark ages in the meantime, eh?