Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Oliver North E.Neuman

From Album 5
Looking to Ollie North for insight on pretty much anything is like asking Hannibal Lecter for dining tips.


  1. Why oh why does anybody listen to Ollie the shit? I would like to get close enough to Ollie to kick him in the balls so hard that he'd have to pee out his nose for the rest of his miserable damn life. He is a disgrace to the Marines. He is a total low life piece of week old cow crap. He told congress he was just doing what his president asked him to do during the Iran/Contra hearings. Bullshit! That is why the allies hung the high ranking Nazis after Nuremberg! He basically said he was "just following orders". Back in the summer of 1968 I was in Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego, we had lectures on the US military code of conduct and the UCMJ(Universal Code of Military Justice). One lecture I never forgot was that even the lowest private was OBLIGATED to DISOBEY any and all unlawful orders. When "saint" Ronnie of Raygun told Ollie to go around the ban from congress he was following an unlawful order. He was OBLIGATED by military LAW to disobey and to report that unlawful order. He got away with the crap excuse that the Nazis tried to use after WW2 and "we" hung them for that. It was right after those trials that the Code of Conduct and the UCMJ were updated to include the lecture we got as new recruits to the Marine Corps. Maybe they didn't give that lecture to officers. Yeah, I doubt that. As you can tell quite clearly, I despise Ollie with a purple passion. He should have been given a dishonorable discharge and then life at hard labor, making little rocks from big rocks. I don't care what would happen to me after, but if I ever got close enough to that damn rat bastard, I swear, I'd kick his balls so hard he would have to pee out his nose forever.
    No, I am NOT any sort of "hard corps" or flag waver, I actually dislike that idiotic "national anthem" and do my best to not hear it. Why do we need to play it before every sports event or any other "major" gathering? Don't the people attending know what country they are in? It is a disgusting song and actually an old British drinking tune with a poem tacked on. A poem from a lawyer, no wonder it sucks! A lawyer wrote it! Old Billy WAS right about lawyers, rid us of them now.
    I am proud to have been a Marine, but when he did that during the hearings, my wife at the time (she died from brain cancer January 1999 after 24 years of marriage) would not let me watch any TV news for a month or more, oh, no newspapers either. I was highly pissed then and his name still does that to me now. That any semi-sane, half-way rational human being would care about anything he has to say boggles my mind. He is among the lowest of the low, fit company for Mr. 5 Deferments Cheney and that gang, oh, and the current administration in D.C. AND Red Stick, yes lil' Booby; aka, Herr Jindal. Sorry to be rough today, but not feeling great COPD has been nasty today and my chronic back pain is really high all day. I'll go off now and try to calm down. You can censor this or edit it if you feel it needs such treatment.
    Hope you are OK Michael. Take care.Oh, maybe give your cat an extra treat for me as a peace offering to cover my bad language.

  2. Well, the cat get his, language or not. As for North, a friend in Wisconsin who also served in the Marines told me he'd heard stories about a crazy one named North (it was him) from careerists...and this would have been in the early 1970s. I believe the stories were about North in Guam even earlier (mid-late 60s, maybe?). He's a piece of work.

    Again, I think it's the whole juvenile versus adults situation...North and the rest of the gang really behave like bratty 10 year olds, then pull out the patriotism card when convenient -- as if it's ok to flout the rules as long as you wave the flag.

    I think some of the weirder hard core Evangelicals have something similar. I've heard it called "lying for Jesus," that is, it's ok if you're 'doin' the Lawd's work.'

    As if...I mean, geez: with the D-Day anniversary approaching, I've been getting my fill of war documentaries. Yesterday PBS had one that was actually pretty good: two medics describing how they used a church in Normandy as a field hospital, treating wounded regardless of nationality...rule one: no guns in the sanctuary. You can bet Ollie North would've been the first to violate that one...then blame the medics if/when it all turned to hell. But that also had me thinking: how many good people have been lost to war and violence, and if that doesn't prove that "god" (if she exists) takes a hands-off approach, then what does? I dunno...some people want the simplicity of easy myths...

    Take it easy. Long day over here. Hope tomorrow doesn't turn out to be long as well.