Thursday, June 05, 2014

Um, I Can Think Of Something A Bit More Dangerous Than Weed

From Album 5
But they'll all freak out about Colorado and MoDo while this will fade faster than a ditch weed buzz.


  1. Yes, and all because the religious clowns and the Reich wingers will always tell us; "pot=bad, guns=good". Well, when guns are used to randomly kill innocent bystanders, I nearly get set to sell mine and say enough. Nearly, I do think being a Marine combat vet I know about gun safety and proper use and storage of them. As to pot laced eats, well, no kidding, if you eat an entire pot brownie you will get silly. Big deal, it can be fun. Yes, smoked some in my day. In Vietnam, you could get ten pre-rolled in a plastic bag for $1.00 of MPC(military/MACV script) It basically looked like Monopoly money, like the game and was changed regularly. Why change it often? Counterfeiting. Yeah, supposedly the VC would print lots of fake MPC script. War is THE most pornographic thing we humans have ever invented. War is only good for making obscene profits for those who are already way too rich. War is good for nothing else at all.
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll restate what General Smedley Butler said about war. He said there are only two reasons for war; 1) to defend OUR homes, 2) to defend the Bill of Rights. ALL other reasons (excuses) for war are a racket. So very true, in 1933 when he first wrote that, and even more so today.

  2. Oh yeah -- I'll never get tired of reading quotes from General Butler. Of course, Loosiana is as regressive as it gets when it comes to ridiculous pot laws...sigh. I saw somewhere that Buddy Caldwell, citing nothing other than what he pulled from his ass, insisting that pot was a "gateway drug." To be fair, Caldwell DID recommend vetoing the oil lawsuit bill that was railroaded through the lege this year...fat chance of that happening, though...which means BP stands a damn good chance of washing their hands after fouling the Gulf. Go figure...

    Anyway, as I mentioned the other day, owning guns doesn't bother me. Shooting doesn't bother me...until it's shooting people. Then, I think it's perfectly reasonable to be bothered. And for all the sanctimony about how something like pot is alleged so dangerous, they sure do turn a blind eye to something REALLY a nut with a gun looking to shoot people. Pretty weird, if you ask me.

    Hell, I keep thinking if all these nuts shooting folks had been high, they likely would've been too busy staring at their hand and/or eating pizza on the sofa...ok, maybe that's a little inane...but I DO think we have the right to decide for ourselves...some want guns...I wouldn't mind my own form of relaxation come the end of the day.

    Well, speaking of, time to head to the kitchen...take it easy, have a good weekend.