Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Illustration

From Album 5
I agree with former congressman Barney Frank -- they believe life begins at conception and ends at birth. And I wish they'd just stay the hell out of New Orleans.

As for the mayor, I'm well aware of the politics...but sometimes it's best to not say anything. Sigh.


  1. Good grief! Did he have to give these moronic dweebs any recognition at all? Could he not just ignore them? What is it with the politicians in this state? Is there something in the water here? The oil pollution perhaps?
    That these dweebs call themselves "saints" is repulsive and makes me even happier than ever that I left ALL religion at age 14. I am 100% certain that organized religion is THE worst human invention ever.
    There has been more war, death, destruction, and suffering throughout ALL of human history due to some damn fool religion or other than any other cause. All because some idiot "thinks"(do they ever?) their doG is better than another doG. It is a fools game and a huge fairy tale. Grow up. Get a brain and use it. And none of them, not any at all, actually practice what is in their own "holy book", and YES, I AM looking directly at ALL the xtians (christians). Yes, I also refuse to capitalize that word as I refuse to use a capital "C" to describe the US congress.
    As with yesterdays' photo, I do try and laugh at these dweebs as well as the 2 from yesterday and their ilk. Cool word, ilk, I enjoy using it when appropriate.
    OK, enough from the old guy for now.
    Hope your week goes well, we are OK here, so far.........LOL. (uncrosses his fingers, craps, arthritis ya know)

  2. Oh, they make me angry...now, Mitch has tried to walk this one back with some mealy-mouthed "well, we didn't actually endorse, we pass these things around like water" nonsense, but...and again, I know the politics. But he should have just clammed up, especially given that Planned Parenthood, both the organization and the general concept, is something we should all endorse. I swear, who wouldn't want to know that children will be wanted, loved, cared for, brought up by parents who had some inkling of what they were doing...oh, yeah, right: xtians.

    Oh, they'll whine about their "tax dollars," but goddamn if they won't save a dime on child welfare while spending ten dollars on locking people in cages for...again, they'll claim only "the worst of the worst," but turns out it's pretty much anyone they can nail a conviction to, whether guilty or not...and as often as not, on non-violent drug or other vice charges. No unauthorized fun, mind you. Which is what the whole abortion thing is about anyway: make a woman "pay" for...being a human, with all that entails, including, golly gee, sexual desire...

    Oh, and you can bet they'd pay even more to watch an execution on live teevee...yeah, some lesson they've learned from their so-called religion.

    Makes me glad I've gotten off the bandwagon, even as I respect those who honestly try to use their faith to do good things...like the good people at the Unitarian Church who had to listen to these sanctimonious clowns.