Monday, July 21, 2014

Wow, They Even Resemble Each Other

From Album 5
Dick and Ahmed -- two peas in a rancid pod.


  1. Oh NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually they DO look alike. Separated at birth perhaps? Wonder what mama Cheney was doing before lil' Dick was hatched.......LOL.
    Seriously, why? Why don't those two just crawl back under some old rock and stay in a damp, dank sewer or whatever, just keep very far away from ALL other life forms.
    Hope you had a great weekend. May you week go well.

  2. Interesting week so far, and hopefully a nice couple of days off to do some chores around here (Thursday and Friday, assuming ok weather). Hope your weekend and week were/are going ok as well. Sorry for the less than creative pics, but...inspiration can be challenging, as can execution...hmmm...ok, maybe not execution for Cheney and Chalabi, but derisive ridicule...might even be better. I've found the one thing creeps like that can't stand is to be laughed at and/or dismissed. But derisive laughter and dismissal would be the ultimate good riddance.