Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hmm...That Didn't Work Out As Planned

From Album 5
Execution as juvenile science experiment...what a concept.


  1. OK, I know for a fact we have had this topic on your blog before, earlier this year I believe.
    I will state once again, I oppose, absolutely oppose the death penalty. Now, I am a combat vet from the vile imperial war in Vietnam, so I have seen death and killing up close an very personal, That was a war, of sorts. In war, death, killing, suffering, etc IS the norm. That dose NOT excuse the results, but war is NOT the same as an execution. This death penalty crap IS state sponsored killing of a select few individuals. IF some moronic asshat killed my wife and kids, YES, you bet your sweet hind end, I would want some sort of payback/ revenge, BUT I would NOT want the state, at ANY level to do it for me. Give me 5 to 10 minutes alone with said moronic asshat and let me have a nice new baseball bat and he can just use his hands, arms, feet, legs, and body as defense. Yeah, that would be OK by me, after, he/she could do life at hard labor, making little rocks from big rocks. The same making little rocks needs to be done for EVERY member of both Clinton admins, BOTH W. Shrub admins, AND BOTH of the drone king (aka; {ig}Nobel piece Prizident) admins. There, got that out of the way in a post that is not about them as such.
    Basically, I do not, nor would I ever want, the state to take out my payback for me. IF I were totally physically incapable of doing such myself, I would be allowed to elect ONE person of my choice, who would volunteer to help me. I would interview said volunteer and I would have the power to approve or reject the person NO recourse if I said no and picked another. I do NOT want some sadistic ass doing MY work for me.
    This use of unknown chemicals IS criminal. The very fact that any part of this country still has a death penalty IS also VERY criminal and disgustingly SICK. Oh, don't get me wrong here, it IS very "biblical" and also quite "christian" or, as I call them, xtian. That "religion of tolerance" (or so they say of their "precious" Jeebus) is NOT one of peace or tolerance at all. Every organized religion is very self centered and quite racist in my view. The "big three" are particularly nasty in this regard. They ALL worship the very same doG. I say this, even as they all give this doG a different name, they ALL three claim that old guy Abe as the "father" of their vile religion. The death penalty IS part and parcel, the leavings of organized religion.
    Just my opinion, others may vary, and IF I stepped on any religious toes, no doubt I have, well tough beans and hard cheese. (See I CAN refrain from cursing even when I get really pissed off)
    OK, I have ranted on for too long here, so I'll close.
    Sorry to have missed the blog the last few days, been extra busy here and that got my old back in a mess and I limited my computer time. The Open carry in Dealey Plaza just wow, what can one add to that sick crap?
    Have a great weekend Michael. We'll try to also. Cheers.

  2. To me the whole point of enlightenment (using enlightenment as in "the enlightenment," you know, the next step up from the Renaissance, itself of course a damn welcome step up from the Dark Ages), anyway, the whole point of enlightenment "justice," or maybe system of justice, is that sure, families and loved ones of a victim of violence are perfectly normal in wanting revenge...but revenge begets revenge and permanent blood feud ... sucks.

    Which means, yeah, it sure does suck if you can't avenge a loved one's death, but...welcome to grown up world. Sometimes it just sucks, and there's not a whole lot we can do. The system of justice -- and that's what it is, a system. It's not justice -- is not perfect by a long shot. It's just what we can do thinking of the broader society, that may -- or may not, and usually is not -- as hurt and angry and enraged as a victim's family. But... that's life. And looking at the broader picture, it's for the best to...well, among other things, not turn the system of justice into nothing better than a murderer. If that's the case, what's the point of society anyway?

    Again, it's a grown up versus juvenile view of the world.


    Anyway, as noted above, just got back from NOLA -- good time, did the usual thing with a friend down there -- lunch, and a quick stop at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Also brought a set of toy blocks for my friend's new child. Nice kid -- and good parents.

    Well, enjoy the weekend as well, and here's to good enough weather this weekend to knock out the outdoor chores. At this point, that's about my speed....well, could be worse...

    Take it easy.