Monday, July 07, 2014

If You Were Wondering

From Album 5
How Louie "Aspersions on my asparagus" Gohmert can get elected -- and relected -- in can stop wondering now.


  1. Well, that Louie IS dumb, so dumb that he does pronounce the "b" in the word dumb, he DOES take HIS asparagus pretty dam seriously. Yes sir Michael, SOME dumb types in Texas DO take THEIR asparagus really very, very seriously by doG! Don't dare mess with Louies' asparagus if you know what's good for you there bub...............LOL. What a moroon! (I remember Bugs Bunny using that term for various foes of his in the old cartoons.)
    Holy crap! That "platform" is absolute garbage, word salad and totally nuts. Reich wing xtains want to rule the elephant gang in Texas, then rule that state and then, yep, the entire country. If they get their way in Texas and Texas left the union, that state would make Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia look like half way decent places to live. What a bunch of loons. And even worse, a majority of the people who live and {holy crap} vote in Texas seem to keep electing these nut balls.
    Well, hope you and cat had a great weekend. We did OK and still are alive..........LOL.

  2. Yeah, it IS nuts. I'd say "let 'em," except that at this point (and I repeat myself -- again) they'd drag us all down with them. Christ on a cracker.

    Well, good y'all are ok. Over here just more of the same. Work..,and chores.

    Charles Pierce over at Esquire had more on the Texas Repugs...and how they're channeling their inner Confederate. We've been there, done that, and it didn't turn out so good.