Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Tucker Carlson -- The Fredo Corleone Of Internet Journalism

From Album 5
Actually, that might be a little hard...on Fredo. Compared to Tucker, Fredo is goddamn Vito.


  1. That was a perfect reply to this loon; "Who IS Tucker Carlson?" LOLMAO!!!!
    Absolutely THE best reply. Why does anybody even listen to this clown? He sucked at every media job he ever has held. He is long past his "sell by" date for sure. Say "goodnight" little Tucker.

  2. Yeah, that was good -- and in a just world, or even just a semi-just world, Tucker would be back to being strictly a trustafarian, living off the family fortune. Never much liked TV dinners, but knowing Swanson is in the hands of the Carson family makes it even easier to never eat one...