Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ladies, He's Back!

From Album 5
Todd Akin's gonna tell you what you need.


  1. Akin is so stupid it is almost beyond belief just how stupid he is. I bet when he pronounces the word dumb, he puts extra emphasis on the "b" in the word. These xtian wing nuts will bring down the GOP, not that it would be a bad thing, as the "two" parties are just the two sides of the very same coin in my opinion. BOTH of the animal gangs have long ago sold out to big money of Wally Street and the multinational corporations. As has been said before, congress IS zionist occupied territory.
    That this idiot Akin is still on about rape, womens' rights, and such is not news. What has always bugged me about these anti-abortion Supposedly "pro lifers" is that they are all for the unborn child, but, once the kid pops out of mommie, they are nowhere to be found. Why don't they offer to care for and pay for the care and upbringing of these unwanted kids? Oh, wait, that would require them to actually DO something useful. Never gonna happen, no way, no how. They are all just talk and no real, decent, useful actions. Cowards and blowhards, the lot of them. Once the kids are born, the "caring" of these "good xtians" stops, immediately. They'd rather toss the poor, unwanted kids in some prison to rot than actually care for or help them in any way at all that might be of use to the kids.
    They disgust me to no end and I totally despise their vile hypocrisy. But then I am just an old heathen so my opinion is less than worthless to them. And till, I care about ALL life. Lets see them even try to care about people, then we'll work on the rest of life on this planet. How many millennia do we have to do this work? 2000 years and counting, still no movement on their part to even try to care..........and so it goes.
    Sorry for the long rant, but these vile hypocrites really DO piss me off. Well, as we used to say in the Marines, rather be pissed off than pissed on.
    Have a great weekend Michael. Take it easy, hot and humid summer is here.


  2. Oh, and it's been the same this week with the Central American kids...holler about the rule THEY passed in 2008...and if the Obama administration ignored the law and deported them, it'd be...grounds for impeachment. Sigh.

    I agree with what Barney Frank said -- they believe life begins at conception and then ends at birth. Barney ain't perfect, but I've never minded him...sure, his boyfriend's prostitution scandal wasn't exactly a bright spot, but...and Frank's also good on the cannabis legalization issue...of course, he's also no longer in Congress.

    Anyway, back to the kids -- as best as I can tell, the alleged "pro-life" crowd views them as props. Not exactly demonstrating concern, if you ask me.

    Ending on a slightly more humorous note -- the late and much missed Bill Hicks once said in one of his comedy routines "if you're 'pro-life,' stop locking arms to block abortion clinics. Lock arms and block cemeteries."

    Damn, there are times when I miss Mr. Hicks...

    Have a good weekend up there.