Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Suicide" By Gunshot

From Album 5
The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office assumes we'll believe...just about anything.


  1. Michael,
    First off, glad you got the drain for the a/c fixed for now. Good on the compressor also. It will come in handy for many projects, trust me. Been there and was happy to have had one.
    Missed posting yesterday, we had a huge rain storm and lost cable/internet for a long time. I just gave up on it and read a new magazine that finally got here yesterday. We did get TV/internet after an hour or so. Had to rest the cable modem before it finally worked. Every time, have to do a rest on the modem. And Sudden link likes to shout how reliable they are. How satellite can suffer loss of signal in a storm. Had satellite in the woods and it was only out for a few minutes at most. Oh, and Sudden Link gets their programing off satellite dishes. So.......
    As to the post for today, yeah, some "trick" to shoot oneself when handcuffed, hands behind the back with a gun the cops missed during your arrest pat down. Yeah, and nobody is a racist in the great state of Louisiana any more. IF anybody does buy that line, I hear there might be a bridge for sale........cheap. What a country we live in. What a state, and wow, what a governor. We DO have a governor in Louisiana, don't we? IS he ever IN the state long enough to actually BE the governor?
    Seems lil' Booby is always out campaigning for higher office. Why did he ever want to be the governor of Louisiana any who? Is the pay that good? Is it a really big prestige job to be the governor of Louisiana today? I hear the cell that former governor Edwards had is available for occupancy. Maybe Booby can get it soon............LOL, THAT would be justice.
    OK, enough from the old guy. We are drying out here in water logged Alexandria today. Take care young man. have a good week. Hi to Mr. Tigg.

  2. And Tigger delivers a hearty meow to you, too. Well, still good re: no water leaking through the ceiling...and one advantage to an old house...the ceiling is wood planks and beadboard, which means it stands up better than sheetrock, which likely would require replacing.

    As to Iberia Parish...good god, and even worse that, well, that's where my family hails from, at least on mom's side. Hang my head in shame. I remember moving there at age 11...in Virginia they told Polish jokes (no longer very funny either); in Loosiana they were either Aggie jokes, or, um...you know. Sigh.

    I suppose it's a small step forward from Emmett Till -- they didn't even bother to lie then -- but the end result is the same: a young man gets killed, and I doubt anyone has to deal with anything more than...a guilty conscience. I dunno--maybe they can live with that. I couldn't

    Take it easy...sorry about your internet. Over here, I'm on Cox...I think they're all about the same -- could be much better, but their sole concern is raking in the $$$$. Didn't get cut...but regularly I have to reset the wireless router, and almost as often the cable modem...other countries wouldn't tolerate the slow speeds, either....

    Off to the evening...