Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trying To Wash Us Away

From Album 5


  1. It is very frightening isn't it. Man, I had no idea it was going that fast. I have tried, sort of, to keep up with the land being lost along the Gulf, but had let it slip of late. So many other things going on in this world we live in, not enough time to read all I should.
    We ARE running out of time on this issue though. The saddest thing is, we still have "people" (I use quotes as I have doubts about what some actually are) in power who still refuse to state that climate change IS real and happening NOW. How in hell can anybody still doubt the facts? To still say climate change and the resulting sea level rise is a con job is beyond stupid. That attitude delves into a dark unknown of stupid that I doubt has ever been encountered ever in all of human history. And yes, I DO include those very, very first proto-humans who had not yet evolved into having the capacity of rational thought. Even the apes, baboons, chimps, etc. are not this stupid. I'd be willing to bet a whole 5 cents (I am on Social Security after all) that even a single cell amoeba is not this stupid. And, as I recall, they do not even have a brain as such, just a single cell critter. So, how stupid does that make the deniers of this fact? Yeah, as I said above, unknown depths never ever seen in human history, probably not even the entire history of the whole universe from the big bang till now.
    Now, please, somebody with half the alphabet behind your name, how did any human being get to be this bloody damn STUPID? In my opinion, it should be biologically impossible for any living critter to be so bloody STUPID.
    As to lil' Booby, looks like he may be in deep poop over his latest move to give a retirement pay raise to the top guy at the state police force. Lots going on with CB Forgotston and Tom Aswell on this issue. I'd like to see lil' Booby get taken to jail in cuffs on the TV soon. I bet that ex-governor Edwards' old cell is available. Ha ha ha, Booby would have a "celebrity" approved cell. Would that be poetic justice? It would be some sort of justice in my opinion.
    OK, sorry to ramble on so long. Hope you have a safe holiday weekend. I bet Mr. Tigger is a great cat. Of course every cat IS great, just ask them (smiles knowingly). Take care young man.

  2. Dork Dynasty...that's good. Oh, they'll claim fiscal crisis perpetually,,,until it comes time to line their own the way, I think the new location of the meeting is the Shaw Building. Shaw's allegedly a Democrat, but boy did he ever lay down for Booby, who returned the favor to the tune of millions for BP oil spill berms that washed into the sea...along with the memory of them.

    As will the rest of the coast, it seems.

    You'd think they'd at least err on the side of caution, particularly given that millions if not billions of dollars -- and lives of people like their grandkids -- are at stake, AND that they could rake it in, given that contracts, etc., would be let on projects to mitigate at least some of the damage (and you know who'd be getting those contracts -- all the folks with connections). Hell, years ago, I honestly thought environment, and I guess by extension, global warming issues would be a liberal winner, because at least back then no one wanted to be seen as such an asshole that they'd trash the environment THAT much. I mean...shit: this could well affect elite resorts...hunting/fishing areas...and even just generally speaking, moneyed interests, e.g., some insurance companies are already suing to limit their own liabilities because of climate change. about narcissistic. They can't be bothered.


    Well, at least Tigger and I will both be in Elysian Fields by then. He accepts your compliment with a purr and more sleep. Actually, this summer he finally sort of mellowed out. He used to be very, very...very active, which meant I was very active upon getting home. But, now he's happy for the company. As am it.

    Have a good weekend. Looks like a rainy one, but guess that just means I can try to knock out indoor projects....