Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tanned, Rusted, And Ready?

From Album 5
So, is the third time the charm for Mitt the Almost-But-Not-Quite-Lifelike-Machine...or just a bronze medal...


  1. NO!! Please NO. If Mittens runs again and it comes down to Mittens or Hi-Larry, we will be stuck with, at minimum, for four years of Madam Clintstone and her war loving madness. Oh crap! Is that the best the elephant gang can manage? IF Mittens won, a real long, long shot, he'd probably give lil' Booby Jindal some cabinet posting and, well, kiss the US of A goodbye.
    Makes me so happy that IF I make it till then, I'll be 67 this years birthday. Hey, maybe I won't make it till my next BD and I won't have to, that leaves you good folks with one fewer semi-sane, half-rational person to exchange thoughts with. On the other hand, many of you may not be that unhappy to see me gone.........LOL. See? I CAN still laugh at myself, even during these dark times. I refuse to take myself too seriously and am very aware that me and my opinions matter very little to the world, as it should be in my opinion.
    Any who, have a great week, what is left of it. Glad all is well at your home. Best to you and Tigger.
    By the way, we had a cat named Tigger, he was black and grey stripped and weighed 23 pounds. Enjoyed sleeping across my knees. I'd often wake up when the alarm went off and wonder how my legs had got cut off in the night. he was a good old cat though. Miss all the cats I have been fortunate to have shared my home(s) with in my life.
    OK, end of rambling rant for today.
    Yeah, I DO get long winded. In person also, really.

  2. Ah, sounds like your feline Tigger was a good for this one, he's actually the second Orange Cat I am the primary caretaker of...the first, sad to say, went on to Elysian Fields back in 2007, and is missed, though hope he enjoyed our time together as much as I did...

    As for Mittens, Clintstone, et al...sigh. That's pretty much what the powers that be will offer us...or worse. As Joe Strummer famously said (and I'm sure others have as well), if politics (or maybe it was voting) actually changed anything, they'd make it illegal. Yep. But...doesn't mean you just give up, even if my "contribution" isn't much more than pixels in the ether. Well, I was a bit more active in times past.

    Anyway, happy 67th, whenever that day arrives, and here's to as many you want. My own dad, alas, only made it to 71...but, on the bright side, he was doing well until the very end...which, just speaking for me, is how I hope to go as well...

    Though just for spite I'd love to see Booby et al get soundly defeated, politically...which is apparently what's starting to happen, at least with the Medicaid expansion part of Obamacare. Pennsylvania's opting in...pretty soon it's just going to be the old Confederacy that's holding out. Figures.

    Later on...