Tuesday, September 02, 2014

If You're Wondering Where He Gets It From

From Album4
Ted's dad has some words of advice for African Americans...


  1. No surprise to me. Dad was my first hero and even during my teenage years when I didn't like him much, we all go through that some at that age, I always respected him. He didn't want me to enlist as he thought (hoped) the Vietnam war would end before I got drafted. When I did go to Vietnam, he became somewhat anti-war. The last thing he told me before we left was;"Keep your head and ass down. Come home alive."
    I remember on my very first leave, after boot camp and basic, I met him as he came home from work, shook his hand and told him I was so happy he had raised me the way he did. I was told years later, he was very proud of that comment from me. I am sure I told you he died the Saturday after Ronnie was elected in 1980. He despised Ronnie for what he'd done as governor of California.
    Most of us are the products of our parents. I am and while we cannot pick who they are, mine did a fair job, or so I think. That Cruz is the product of his father is not a surprise. Nice to know, in an odd way, that he is very like his own daddy. Like father, like son, not always, but often.
    Have a good week young man.

  2. Yes, we are -- even myself, though I'm a bit different from my dad in some aspects, in others I'm probably just like him...as for Ted, I've heard his old man's been grooming him for some time...but when you check out his reality -- Ivy League snobbery so intense he was even a snob among snobs, plus the creepy religious/savior stuff his dad pushes...damn, but I hope the public knows a charlatan when it sees one.

    Sorry for the short comment...gotta knock out a few things over here. Take it easy.

    And damn good advice from your dad...my granddad did the exact same thing in World War I -- and came home alive...obviously.