Thursday, September 04, 2014

Not So Fast There, BP

From Album3
In a rare instance of sanity, turns out killing eleven people and spewing toxic sludge across the entire Gulf Coast is seen by at least one judge to be "gross negligence." Not that I'm holding my breath -- for corporations, there always seems to be extra appeals -- but at least for now, someone said, hey, wait a second...

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  1. It IS amazing that a judge in this state handed down this decision. Did you read Rude pundit? I posted on that and the Edmonson mess today on my blog. I was more polite, language wise, than Rude, but he does make his points for sure. I emailed him with a few extra comments. No matter if I never get a reply, people are busy and I'm retired. I never expect any writer to reply to any of my comments/emails about their articles.
    On your comment yesterday about Kristol, I think it was him. Old Dick Cheney said during the Vietnam war he had
    "other priorities". Hell, in Vietnam my buddies in 5th Marines and I had "other priorities" also. Ours were getting back home alive, and maybe in one piece, all the parts we had when we got here, still attached when we got home even. Yeah, we were selfish asshats weren't we? And so it goes.
    Have a safe, dry weekend. We have rain in our forecast till Saturday for sure, maybe longer.
    Hi to Tigger also.