Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Redneck Special Forces Add A New Unit

From Album 5
So, from the front lines of Sean Hannity's New York City studio, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson laid down the law for Middle East Radical Muslims: convert to Christianity or die. Yeah, that takes some real guts, not to mention some serious military training, mostly consisting of calling/shooting ducks...oh, and some super neato gear.

More seriously, one, you're not going to out brutalize the creeps and thugs that comprise ISIS -- for every drone strike, they'll "retaliate" with suicide bombings, or gruesome snuff videos, two, assuming that the entire Muslim world is their moral equivalent is like suggesting that every Christian is the same as Fred Phelps, and finally, in case no one's noticed, the whole point of the Iraq invasion in 2003 was to foment the great awakening in the Middle East...which has turned out to be less a dream and more a nightmare, especially for the majority of people living there. ISIS IS the bastard child of the whole WMD/neo-con "vision," which should give pause to anyone looking to up the ante with yet more violence -- because if one thing is certain, more violence of the "give war a chance" kind promoted by asshole Jonah Goldberg et al will...give us more violence...and where it ends, well...


  1. So, the duck die-nasty clown in charge has spoken? Well, my idea is this; any time this country wants to go to war, it MUST hold a national election. Any who vote for war, 18-80, regardless of occupation, that means congress/president/etc, MUST be issued a full military uniform, rifle, ammo, combat gear and basic training. Then, they will ALL be sent to the front lines of that war to fight/die/etc.. Those who vote against war stay home and get on with life. NO exceptions. Let the "leaders" lead from the front as they did way back in history.
    Now, see how the duck die-nasty boys like that stuff.
    Yeah, they sure know about killing. Killing ducks who are not able to shoot back at them. As soon as these morons get a shot fired in their direction, watch them run and hide under mamas' skirt. Who listens to those damn idiots?
    Stay dry, we are supposed to get rain here this week and even more for Saturday.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly on who should pet peeve I had was when someone, maybe Bill Kristol, was asked why he didn't serve, and with a smirk said something like "I root for the home football team but that doesn't mean I need to be on the field, hahaha..."...well, war ISN'T football. If you think it's an honest to goodness threat, stand up.

    It's the same with the economy. Does anyone really think the deficit/debt hawks would stick around if the shit was really hitting the fan? Hell, they'd be on the first private jet to their favorite tax haven in a heartbeat, ready to plunder some more...but it sure sounds important to insist that there's a crisis, and that the "solution" is ... to stick it to the poor even more.'s amazing how quickly it's been forgotten that the bellicose "kill 'em all" nonsense is how we got into this mess in the first place..."Bring 'em on." Sigh...oh, and there's no fiscal crisis when it's military spending...